You’re only as strong as your weakest link. When that weak link breaks, the whole chain breaks. We help fix and strengthen the weak links using MAT® (Muscle Activation Techniques®), addressing the root causes of pain – rather than treating the pain itself for temporary relief.

How does MAT® work?

When a muscle receives more stress than it can tolerate, the body shuts down neural connections between the brain and the muscle to protect it. This means the muscle can no longer contract as efficiently, resulting in decreased range of motion.

The workload is then taken over by secondary muscles, until their stress tolerance level is exceeded causing them to shut down as well. This domino effect of muscle shutdowns is what leads to dysfunction and pain.

MAT® uses techniques discovered in neuroscience in the past twenty years, reactivating connections between the brain and muscles through specific isometric exercises and palpation of muscles. When we reactivate muscles, range of motion is restored, muscular dysfunctions are eliminated, and the stress tolerance level of those muscles is increased.


MAT® helps everyone – from Olympic athletes who want to reach maximum performance to people rehabilitating from life changing spinal injuries

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“Saw immediate improvement in my mobility and range of motion. Would recommend to anyone dealing with mobility issues and complications from injury!”


.מרגיש מעולה אחרי הטיפול”
“!ממליץ מאוד


“MAT is a very unique system. You must try it in order to feel the difference in your movement before and after. It is good for all ages and all levels of fitness. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it! Jose (Pepe) Is capable and passionate in his work and always eager to learn and improve his skills. What better combination could you ask for?”


!טיפול אישי ומסור”
.ממש מרגישה בהבדל בתנועות ובטווחים
“!מומלץ בחום


I came to MAI Therapy with torn ligaments and intense pain in my ankles, and walked away with incredible, almost immediate results. I had been injured for four months before coming to MAI, and had tried multiple therapies which hadn’t really helped. After multiple treatments with Yosef, I am fully recovered. The treatment and personal interaction was amazing, I would 100% recommend MAI Therapy to a friend.


When I came to MAI Therapy, I felt almost disabled. I had intense pain in my knees, and struggled carrying any sort of weight, going up stairs, or even just walking or sitting. After just one session with Yosef I was able to walk without pain, which was a shock for me. I had been to multiple doctors and physiotherapists in America and Israel, all of them gave me a form of therapy that would take years just to help me semi function in day to day life. After multiple sessions with Yosef, I’m able to confidently live my day to day life, workout and carry weight without fear of pain.


I’ve been suffering from a wide variety of  pains and limitations, all military injuries. I tried probably everything, and put a lot of money on trying to resolve my injuries. I have seen some results but none were as significant as how I felt with MAT. What I loved about MAT sessions with Pepe is that I could see on the spot the changes he would make my body go through. It was mind blowing. He’s helped me a lot and I give so much credit to him for how I feel and handle myself physically today.

Pepe is a pure professional. The way he prepares and plans every session, his knowledge and learning mindset, and more than all the service you get as a patient is amazing . Pepe makes you feel as comfortable as possible, and you really feel like he cares about each and every patient he treats. 

I’ve tried almost every conventional (and non-conventional) method for pain treatment. MAT, as handled by Pepe should not be a last resort but rather the first step for anyone suffering from injuries, pain, discomfort or limitation in the body.


שמי גבי אני עובד בהייטק, בזמן הקורונה עלתה העבודה אבל ירדה כמות התזוזה שלי. אחרי כמה חודשים של עבודה מהבית, אפילו שהייתי מקפיד לרוץ בבוקר לפני הישיבה הארוכה, וגם לקום כל שעה לעשות סקוואטים, עדיין הרגיש לי שמשהו תקוע לי בגב בתחתון, בוקר כן בוקר לא, כאבים אחרי נסיעות ארוכות וכו׳. הודות לפאפה ולשיטת MAT  חזרתי לבריאות מלאה, מפה אני רק צריך לשמר אורך חיים בריא. תודה לך

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About MAI Therapy™

“MAT® was the missing puzzle piece…”

Master Specialist

MAI Therapy™ was created out of my passion for helping people, become whole and pain-free, which developed through my own journey of going from feeling like a superstar, to not being able to even perform normally in day to day life. From being a dedicated hockey player training every day, sometimes 10 hours at a time, to being a soldier in the IDF, I was used to performing at a high level. However, in the army, my body started to break down.

I started having both ankles twisting repeatedly, then my knees started to have problems, then my back. Eventually, my legs would start to experience incredible fatigue seemingly out of nowhere. I tried every therapy I could. Creams, strength drills, physiotherapy, acupuncture, dry needling, myofascial release – nothing seemed to help. Some therapies would ease my pain for a couple days, but that was it. Professionals would tell me that I hadn’t done enough exercises, I hadn’t done the exercises right, or that I must not have done them at all. Sometimes I was told that this was simply the way it is, other times I’d get a more honest “I can’t help you, I don’t really know what you have”.

I couldn’t accept any of these answers, so when I finished the army I decided to help myself. I started studying anatomy and physiology, became certified as a personal trainer (with an additional certification for kids), and then eventually became a certified Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) Specialist. MAT® was the missing puzzle piece, and helped me when nothing else could. However, there is no one in Israel who practices MAT®, so I have yet to be fully rehabilitated. I am the first MAT® practitioner in Israel, and so I started MAI Therapy™ to bridge the gap between the medical and the training world – giving people real, immediate results and relief from pain. MAI Therapy™ helps people, especially those who traditional therapy can’t help, to live an active and pain-free life.

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